PGHL-400-80 Heavy-Load Long-Stroke Electric Parallel Gripper CFAUTO

  • Flat Electric Gripper High Energy density
    PGHL-400-80 industrial flat electric gripper, the structure of which is delicate and meticulous. The length, width and height dimensions is only 194 × 73 × 70mm. This model can provide large clamping force and fast clamping beat, coming with mechanical self-locking mechanism, challenge the limit of large load and thin size.
  • High Force Control Accurancy
    The force repeatability is ±40N(±10%). Far better than ordinary products in the market by ±10%~±20% of force control accuracy.
  • Quick Response Intelligent planning speed
    Opening/closing time up to 1.0s/1.1s, with speed control optimization and mechanical self-locking mechanism function, it can meet fast and stable gripping needs of the production line
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